Malin Group can trace its roots as far back as the mid -18th century with involvement in shipping and ship delivery through the successful years of ship construction and trade on the River Clyde in Glasgow.

This was a time of significant growth in the UK, built on the back of the success of the British Empire, with Glasgow, also known as the “second city of the Empire” building a wealth of navy & merchant navy vessels. The early roots of Malin Group were involved in the delivery of these numerous vessels around the world.

Today, we hold archives stretching as far back as the late 19th Century, providing an interesting glimpse into the life, and economics, of the shipping industry of that time, which you may find in our home, the South Rotunda.


The Group have continued to grow and diversify, and over the last 15 years has given life to a number of additional, specialist companies, cementing the Group’s place as one of the most comprehensive providers of end to end marine solutions in the world.

As such, the Group offer a full range of services to the offshore and maritime industry – over a variety of projects, across a range of sectors, all over the world. This includes Malin Abram,  Malin Newbuild, Malin Equipment and Malin Marine Services – all of which you can learn about below.

You can find out about each of our business units below.


The Malin Group have four key values:

INTERGRITY - We are true to our family values and heritage, have respect for industry best practice and place the client needs above all else.

EXCELLENCE - We demonstrate expertise, value continued training and development and are committed to always finding the best possible solution.

CREATIVITY - We are committed to ingenuity, innovation and continuous development in our service offering and processes on a local and global scale.

IMPARTIALITY - We are solutions focused and have a commitment to demonstrate impartiality and trust in all that we do.

The Malin Group is also committed to promoting SUSTAINABILITY. Concern for the environment and promoting a broader sustainability agenda are integral to all of our activities and to the management of our organisation. Given this, we strive to follow and to promote good sustainability practice, to reduce the environmental impacts of all our activities and to help our clients and partners to do the same.



As an organisation, we follow a number of key principles:

A Commitment to Innovation
We have a dedicated innovation focused team, the Malin Skunks, which combined with a flair for progressive solutions across all business units, enables us to support and develop products and solutions that positively contribute to the impact we have on our environment. We also comply with all legislation to ensure our products and services are always to the highest standard.

A Commitment to our Community
We work with a number of local voluntary and third sector organisations, affording the staff the opportunity to volunteer or otherwise contribute as part of our in-house social programme. We also support a number of organisations on an annual basis. We provide employment, economic activity using local sourcing and local businesses where practical, and build our own business on the basis of responsible practices. We also work to foster the next generation, their education and focus on sustainable practices through a young engineers initiative, which offers STEM activities and mentoring support.

A Commitment to Well-Being
We are dedicated to eliminating any risk in the workplace through monitoring performance and implementation of best practice. To do so, we develop and implement action plans to ensure the health, safety and mental wellbeing of our employees. We are also committed to the continual improvement of the suitability, adequacy and effectiveness of the QAHSE management system. We also support a cross functional well-being initiative, offering all employees practical support, guidance and advice as required.

A Commitment to the Environment
We are based in the South Rotunda, a listed building in Glasgow, which we have sympathetically restored to form our Head Quarters. This focus on sustainability runs through all that we do, with all staff committed to the reuse of materials, recycling, co-processing and energy recovery to minimise waste disposal and maximise productivity. We also actively develop and support products that improve the quality and sustainability of the built environment and seek to eliminate all non-conforming products.

A Commitment to the Industry
Through consultation, design and delivery of our services, our organisation is committed to not only excellence but also innovative, progressive solutions. As such, we work to provide clients with products which improve their practices, reduce carbon emissions and energy consumption, reduce the use of fossil fuel through efficiency improvements and make use of alternative and renewable sources.

A Commitment to our Values
Our core values are integrity, excellence, creativity and impartiality. Given this, we strive to stay true to our heritage and history, whilst striving to provide the best possible service to our clients. We are a respectful and inclusive company; encouraging a culture that values openness and transparency and recognises individual achievement. We value our workforce and, by recruitment, selection and development of employees, contractors and suppliers, ensure they are appropriately skilled and competent to carry out their roles.

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