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Thursday, 04 November
10:00 - 17:00

The first day of the programme will include sessions on:

  • The Energy System of Tomorrow,
  • Offshore Wind – the global backbone of a new power system and a look at
  • Emerging Markets and where offshore renewables will go next; and more… 


View the programme below and register your interest to attend Day 1 here.

Arrival and registration

10:00 - 10:15
Welcome from The Malin Group and Mainstream Renewable Power
10:15 - 10:20

Chris Dunn – Principal Naval Architect, The Malin Group
Adam Bruce – Global Head of Corporate Affairs, Mainstream Renewable Power

Session 1: The Energy System of Tomorrow – What is it and what do we need to get there?
10:20 - 11:15

The energy transition is already underway, with a major shift from fossil fuels to renewable sources. Sparked by rapid innovation, a flood of capital and evolving regulation, business models have been developing rapidly to create more resilient economies and energy systems. New energy systems will start to emerge, more integrated and sustainable. What will those systems look like? Just what must we change to support their formation. And how can we make sure we participate in the transition? Join Mainstream Renewable Power's discussion on the energy systems of tomorrow to engage in the conversation.

Gillian Watson (Moderator)  - Managing Director, Energy & Renewables, Noble & Co.
Mary Quaney - Group CEO, Mainstream Renewable Power
Tim Lord - Senior Fellow | Net Zero, Tony Blair Institute for Global Change
Kingsmill Bond – Energy Strategist, The Carbon Tracker

Technology Break

11:15 - 11:20
Session 2 - Offshore Wind – The global backbone of a new power system - What offshore wind can really do.
11:20 - 12:20

According to GWEC's report, offshore wind capacity grew by 6.1 GW in 2020, but the global fleet is only 2% of what the world needs to get to net zero by 2050. Offshore wind has the biggest growth potential of any renewable energy technology, but the policy environment needs to improve rapidly for offshore wind to reach international Net Zero targets. Based on IRENA’s target of 2,000 GW, which would be required to achieve carbon neutrality and sustain a Paris-compliant pathway, governments will need to act decisively to improve policy in order to scale up installations at the pace required to help the world meet its carbon emissions targets and avoid the worst effects of global heating. The Mainstream Renewable Power's panel discussed what offshore wind can really do.

Cameron Smith (Moderator) - General Manager APAC & Offshore, Mainstream Renewable Power
Sonja Chirico Indrebo – Vice President Floating Offshore Wind, Equinor
Mariangiola Mollicone - Head of Renewables, Eni
Marc Becker - CEO Offshore, Siemens Gamesa
Andrew Jamieson – CEO, ORE Catapult


12:20 - 13:30
Session 3 - Global Corporate PPA market from the corporate perspective
13:30 - 14:10

This session featured the KPMG Global PPA Leader Wafa Jafri in conversation with Mike Hayes, discussing the global Corporate PPA market from the corporate perspective. It explored the realities of the global corporate power purchase agreement market from the perspective of the corporate customer, touching on issues such as why net zero is a game changer and the relevance of the Scope 3 challenge, why the accounting treatment is critical to corporates and the opportunity for the offshore wind sector in the global corporate power purchase agreement market.

Mike Hayes – Global Lead Renewables and Decarbonisation, KPMG
Wafa Jafri - Global PPA Leader, KPMG

Technology Break

14:10 - 14:15
Session 4 - Emerging Markets – where will offshore renewables go next?
14:15 - 15:30

Offshore wind provided a strong alternative to fossil fuels in the energy mix and with falling costs it is becoming a reality for more and more markets globally. This has resulted in a huge growth of planned projects in emerging markets. World Bank have mapped the technical offshore potential of 100 countries, Brazil, India, Morocco, the Philippines, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Turkey and Vietnam combined have the wind resource to power all EU countries three times over. The GWEC’s panel discussed where offshore wind will go next and what this means for those markets.

Alastair Dutton (Moderator) - Chair, Global Offshore Wind Task Force, GWEC 
Neil Douglas - Director, BVG Associates
Elbia Gannoum - CEO, ABEEólica
Anna Freeman - Policy Director, Clean Energy Council (Australia)
Denise Fontanilla – European Climate Foundation

Coffee Break

15:30 - 15:45
Session 5 - Fireside Chat (GWEC)
15:45 - 16:30


Hari Vamadevan - Regional Director, UK & Ireland, Energy Systems, DNV 

Session 6 - Recap on Day 1: Mainstream Renewable Power and GWEC representatives
16:30 - 17:00
GWEC COP26 Coalition and Friends Drinks Reception
17:00 - 19:00

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